III. Membership

  1. WGPO Membership Fee will be:
    1. $550 – Due prior to the unit’s first competition.
    2. Beyond any school or organizations first unit, a cost of $250.00 for the second ensemble and $175.00 for each additional unit of the same nature will apply.
    3. Membership Fees/Forms will be accepted beginning November 17th.
    4. Deadline for Registration will be December 15th. A late fee of $100 will be assessed to any entry form postmarked or submitted after December 15th.
    5. The final day for registration will be Friday, January 6th.
    6. Liability Insurance documents will be due no later than January 15th. This applies to Independent Guards only. Proof of insurance will be required before an independent unit will be allowed to perform at a WGPO sanctioned event.
  2. WGPO Membership includes:
    1. PDF copy of WGI Rule Book
    2. Unlimited WGPO contest participation
    3. WGPO Championship Entry
    4. Voting Privileges at WGPO Circuit Meetings
    5. Admission to WGPO Educational Clinics
    6. All Circuit Correspondence
    7. Access to Competition Suite throughout the season.
  3. A visiting unit may compete in any show sanctioned by WGPO, except Championships, for a fee of $150.00 per show. They will be scored and ranked as any other unit, and receive appropriate awards. If a new, first-year unit wants to become a part of the Circuit after trying one show, they will be allowed to join the circuit late, and have the $150.00 apply towards their membership dues. They will not be eligible for Championships unless all normal Circuit requirements are met.
  4. Non-member, 1st year organizations may perform ONE (1) exhibition at any WGPO sanctioned contest for a fee of $50.00. Payment is due to WGPO prior to the contest.
  5. Dues for patron members will be $25.00 per year. Deadline for this membership is the same as a unit. Patron membership includes entry to all WGPO sanctioned events, including Circuit Championships
  6. Dues for members of the WGPO Judges’ Association will be 10% of the pay level. All judges that are members of WGPO Judges’ Association and include their WGI Rule Book and Education/Training clinics will pay dues. This amount will be deducted from the judge’s first paycheck.
    1. It is the Judges Coordinator’s responsibility to communicate with the Treasurer which judges are members of WGPO Judges’ Association, and which judges maintain membership with other Judges’ Associations.”
  7. Independent Member Units must provide a certificate of insurance from an insurance group or school district, listing WGPO as an additional insured. Deadline for all insurance documentation will be January 15th. Units will not be allowed to compete until proof of insurance has been received. This requirement is only applicable for independent units. All scholastic units are exempt from these insurance requirements.
  8. All fees due must be paid prior to a unit’s first performance.