IV. Meetings and Seminars

  1. All scheduled meetings shall consist of the following order: (1) Call to order, (2) Roll Call, (3) Correspondence, (4) Officer Reports, (5) Executive Board Report, (6) Old Business, (7) New Business, (8) Announcements, and (9) Adjournment.
  2. The official membership shall consist of one representative from each member guard or percussion unit in good standing. Members of the Executive board shall have a vote IF they do not have a participating unit. The Judges’ Coordinator shall serve as the proxy vote for WGPOJA.
  3. The WGPO Circuit Meetings will be:
    1. The fall meeting will be held during the (2nd) Sunday in September.
    2. The summer meeting and workshop will be held during the (2nd) Saturday in June.
    3. Winter meetings may be held AS NEEDED during the regular WGPO competitive season. ***Exact locations and times will be e-mailed along with meeting reminders at least one week prior to the meeting. This information will also be posted on the website.
  4. A quorum shall consist of eight (8) members of those units active and in good standing with Winter Guard and Percussion of Oklahoma
  5. If a Circuit member cannot attend the Circuit meeting, a proxy vote may be given to another Circuit member that will be in attendance at the meeting. However, each attending person may only bring the proxy votes of ONE school in addition to his or her own vote(s). The unit director requesting proxy must submit all proxy votes in writing to the secretary.

The latest edition of “Robert’s Rules of Order” shall be the parliamentary authority of all matters specifically designated in this handbook.