IX. Eligibility

  1. Winter Guard or Percussion unit composed of members not over the age of twenty-two (22) as of 12:01AM on May 1st. This age rule applies to all units except those entered in Independent World Class. Independent World Class may compete with members of any age.
  2. All students residing within a school district may compete with a scholastic color guard or percussion ensemble as long as the principal of the sponsoring school approves their participation.
  3. Each scholastic unit MUST comply with eligibility requirements set forth by its respective activities association and school district.
  4. No guard member may perform in more than one (1) winter guard from the same sponsoring organization. Please note that WGI rules will apply if your unit is performing at a WGI Regional Contest. Performers and directors should be aware of any state or local activities association’s rules, which may not allow this.
  5. No unit may perform with less than five (5) or more than thirty (30) members on the floor of competition at any time, including commanding officer(s). This does not apply to the Middle School Class, there is no member limit on the middle school class.
  6. For guard units, the use of recorded music and/or live musical instruments is optional. Proficiency of playing shall not be judged. Musicians’ ages and eligibility must be consistent with WGPO rules.
  7. Independent units may not utilize membership from a high school that has an established competitive winter guard or percussion program without the expressed written contest of a Parent/Legal Guardian AND the High School’s Unit Director. A copy of the written and signed release must be kept on file by the unit with which the member performs, the High School Unit Director and WGPO.
  8. Timing for each classification shall be as follows:


Classification Max. Performance Time Min. Authorized Prop Time Min. Interval Time Required Equipment Time
Middle School 3.5 Minutes 2.5 Minutes 7 Minutes 2.5 Minutes
SRB, SRA, IRA 4.5 Minutes 3 Minutes 7 Minutes 3 Minutes
SB, SA, IA 5.5 Minutes 4 Minutes 8 Minutes 3.5 Minutes
Open 6.5 Minutes 4 Minutes 9 Minutes 3.5 Minutes
World 7.5 Minutes 4 minutes 10 Minutes 3.5 Minutes


Classification Min. Performance Time Max. Performance Time Interval
B Class 3 Minutes 6 Minutes 9 Minutes
A Class 4 Minutes 6 Minutes 9 Minutes
Open Class 4 Minutes 7 Minutes 10 Minutes
World Class 4 Minutes 8 Minutes 11 Minutes

For any questions regarding eligibility not addressed in this section, please refer to the WGI adjudication manual.