V. Contest Host Applications

  1. WGPO will schedule shows to help offset travel distances for all units who participate. The WGPO Executive Board will make every effort to rotate show sites each weekend between different parts of the state as needed (Oklahoma City area vs. Tulsa area, or eastern Oklahoma vs. western Oklahoma).
  2. WGPO sanctions contests sponsored by member units. Members can apply to sponsor a contest by fully completing an application and returning it, along with the site information requested, by the deadline specified by WGPO. All units requesting to host a contest must be a WGPO member with no outstanding debt to WGPO or WGI and have a competing unit during the season they wish to host the contest. The WGPO executive board reserves the right to visit any contest site prior to final scheduling of the contest season. The WGPO Executive Board reserves the right to suspend this rule to ensure a full competitive season.
  3. Units that return their application first and meet all of the requirements will be given first consideration.
    1. A tentative contest schedule will be presented at the Summer WGPO Circuit Meeting
    2. Any changes and/or additions to the show schedule will not be made after December 1st.
    3. Contest sponsors shall pay a sponsorship/administrative fee according to the number of guards that attend the contest. This fee will be invoiced the day of the contest at a rate of $35 per unit competing. The fee is due no later than Circuit Championships.
  4. Applicants must include all information requested on contest host application to be\ considered.
  5. Regular Season Contest Hosts must provide the following:
    1. Provide a 60’x90’ performance area, this should not include walkways for spectators. Preference will be given to sites that have open performance area.
    2. Secure all trophies for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each class.
    3. Provide a working sound system that is equipped with a CD player and the capability to use external devices such as MP3 players and/or iPods. A variable speed adjustment is a plus but not required. An experienced individual with adult supervision is needed to operate said system. A back-up sound system should be available.
    4. Provide an adult to be the announcer. This person should have experience based on the needs of this position.
    5. Provide access to a computer with Windows XP or higher for tabulation.
    6. Provide access to a printer and copier
    7. Provide dressing facilities for all performers that shall be separate from the public restrooms
    8. Provide a “Directors’ Hospitality Room”
    9. Provide a “Judges’ Hospitality Room/Area for critique” separate from the “Directors’ Hospitality Room”.
    10. Provide “Warm-up Areas” for guard Body and Equipment Warm-Up. Provide two (2) inclement weather “Warm-up Areas” for percussion. There should be no steps or doorposts between “Warm-up Areas” and “Performance Area” for percussion. Outdoor percussion warm-up areas are first come, first served.
    11. Provide prop/equipment storage area (CANNOT be in ANY Warm-Up Area unless it is clearly separated by some kind of partition in order to avoid distraction for competing units.). It is recommended that Host provide a separate storage area for guard & percussion.
    12. Provide a first aid station and someone to administer first aid if necessary.
    13. For contests that include percussion, provide a grounded 110volt outlet centered on the front and back of the performance floor.
  6. Provide all workers necessary:
    1. Gate
    2. Unit check-in
    3. Judge runners
    4. Time monitors for warm-up areas
    5. Ushers to keep spectators out of judging areas and keep people from moving around during performances.
    6. Video pass monitor (adult) to check for passes & violations
    7. Extra workers to offer direction in order to keep things running smoothly
    8. Contest host must have a building engineer on duty during event to control all structural, electrical, HVAC, and plumbing issues.
    9. Provide a designated Video Area at top & near center of spectator seating area
  7. WGPO shall provide the following for all sanctioned contests:
    1. Judges Coordinator, Percussion Coordinator, Certified Judges, Contest Director, Tabulation, and Competition Suite.
    2. All judges’ sheets and digital recorders.
    3. Liability Insurance for all performing, floor crew, and staff members at the event.
    4. In addition to these provisions, in the event that there is any property damage to the Contest Host’s facilities, WGPO will ensure that the responsible parties will be held financially responsible for any and all damage committed accidentally and purposefully.
    5. WGPO will also ensure that any units that do not perform at the sanctioned event without a seven (7) day written notice will pay the Contest Host a $100.00 cancellation fee.
  8. WGPO Circuit Championships:
    1. The site for the Winter Guard and Percussion of Oklahoma Circuit Championships shall be determined through a bid process. Prospective host sites should submit a bid at the annual summer meeting. The Executive Board will meet to consider each of the proposed sites and submit a recommendation at the annual fall meeting. The final decision will be by a vote by the membership at the fall meeting. In order to qualify to host the championships, the prospective host should have hosted a previous circuit contest and be a member of the current competitive season.
    2. The bid from each prospective site should include: Facilities (map of arena and warmup areas), sound system, support staff, accommodations, restaurants, and seating capacity of the arena.
    3. The WGPO Circuit Championships host site should also be responsible for programs, T-shirts, (the host school/site would receive profit from these items) and trophies for PRELIMINARY competition. WGPO shall provide trophies, banners and medals (when financially possible) for FINALS competition.
    4. The host unit of Circuit Championship shall submit to the WGPO treasurer a check for 45% of the gate revenue no later than the Summer Meeting.
  9. The price of admission for all regular season WGPO events shall be $8. The price of admission for a prelim/finals (mock-regional) format contest shall be $10. The price of admission for WGPO State Championships will be $12
  10. Contest Hosts must include a letter signed by the site principal or school administrator guaranteeing that specified facilities are available and that there will be no other conflicting events scheduled in the facility during WGPO event.