XII. Eligibility to Compete in WGPO Circuit Championships

  1. WGPO shall facilitate seven (7) regular season contests beginning on the third, fourth or fifth Saturday in January (at the discretion of the Contest Director) and continue until WGPO circuit championships.
  2. These seven contests shall be divided as follows:
    1. Segment 1: two contests, no penalties to be given
    2. Segment 2: two contests
    3. Segment 3: three contests
    4. To be eligible to compete in WGPO Circuit Championships, each guard unit must compete in AT LEAST one contest per Segment for a total of at least three contests.
  1. One (1) WGI Regional score may be substituted for ONE (1) regular season contest score.
  2. Percussion groups are required to attend two (2) contests throughout the season as they are offered in order to be eligible to attend championships. They are not required to attend a contest in each Segment as percussion contests are not made available each week as they are for guards.