XIII. Solos and Ensembles Competition

  1. Color Guard/Winter Guard performers are eligible to compete in WGPO solo and ensemble contests regardless of circuit affiliation as long as the following requirements are met.
  2. All entry forms and fees must be postmarked 15 days prior to the scheduled Solo and Ensemble contest date. No late entries will be accepted. All fees must be turned in with the entry forms.
  3. Classifications for Solo & Ensemble Contest will be as follows: Middle School Solo/Duet/Ensemble, Scholastic Solo/Duet/Ensemble & Independent Solo/Duet/Ensemble.
  4. Outstanding soloists and ensembles are invited and encouraged to perform prior to the finals competition at Circuit Championships.
  5. The judging panel will consist of an Effect Judge, Equipment Judge and Movement Judge. Each judge will score the competitor with a I (Superior) through V (Poor) rating, with Olympic scoring. Scoring for all solos and ensembles will be based upon correct and consistent completion of various fundamentals and standards for each level of classification. As the levels of achievement and completed standards increase, the possible score criteria will increase as well.
  6. Performance time shall be a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 2 minutes.
  7. A student may enter a maximum of three (3) events. No person may perform on like equipment on any like solo or ensemble.
  8. All equipment used must be padded. Hard sole shoes must also be padded
  9. Music must be provided on a mp3 player or CD. If an mp3 player is used, then the unit must provide a representative to operate the device during the performance.
  10. Fee: Solos – $12.00; Ensemble – $7.00 per member. Solo and Ensemble entry forms and fee MUST be postmarked 15 days prior to the scheduled event.
  11. WGPO Executive Board will have the final decision on all matters regarding solo and ensemble.