XIV. WGPO Scholarships

  1. The recipient must be in his/her senior year of high school or currently attending a college or university.
  2. The recipient must attend a college or university. Trade and vocational institutions are also acceptable.
  3. The recipient must be an active member of a unit that is attending the WGPO Circuit Championships.
  4. Each unit may submit up to two (2) nominees.
  5. The Scholarship will be paid by check to the recipient and his/her college, university, or trade school of their choice.
  6. The WGPO Scholarship is a one (1) time award. A new recipient will be selected each year.
  7. The WGPO Vice-President will recommend the top five (5) nominees. A committee will select the scholarship recipient from the five (5) nominees. This committee will consist of the Executive Board minus the President, and three (3) adjudicators. In the case of a draw between two (2) nominees, the WGPO President will select the winner.
  8. Announcement of the WGPO Scholarship Recipient will be made at the closing of WGPO Circuit Championships.
  9. The scholarship application must be completed in FULL and POST MARKED no later than March 1st of the current year. Any scholarship application not completed in full or Post marked by March 1 will be deemed ineligible for consideration.