XIX. Changes or Additions to the WGPO Rules and Regulations

  1. These Rules and Regulations should be reviewed annually. An amendment procedure requires a TWO-THIRD vote of those present at any regular meeting. Copies of the Rules and Regulations should be distributed to all members of the organization annually or when changes occur.
  2. Any Rules or Regulations not explicitly addressed in this document shall be those established by Winter Guard International.
  3. Any changes to the Rules and Regulations must be made at the June membership meeting.
  4. The Rules and Regulations in the most recently updated WGPO Handbook supersede any other document that pertains to the circuit.
  5. Any member having new business to present to the membership must submit the proposal in writing to the Circuit President one-month prior and then the proposal must be distributed to the membership two weeks prior to the meeting in order for the proposal to be discussed. Unscheduled proposals will not be discussed at WGPO meetings.