2021 Season

We are very excited to make a few announcements about the 2021 season today.

  1. Registration will go live on November 30th.  The registration deadline will be January 15th.
  2. Our amended rules and procedures for this season are attached here.  In this document you will find information on registration and membership fees as well as contest procedures for virtual and in-person contests.
  3. Our Education Director Jara Clark has been working to set up training for this fall.  For the safety of everyone involved she has come up with an awesome plan for THREE different virtual sessions!  This year we are offering classes on 3 separate evenings covering 3 separate topics, each class lasting about 45 minutes. The Zoom link/password will be sent out/posted the day of each session.

Training is not required for the 2021 season, but we hope you’ll be able to attend each evening! If you are unable to attend, session videos will be made available to directors. Each class will also have allotted Q/A time.

WGPO Wednesdays, @ 7:00 p.m.

  • December 2nd
  • December 9th
  • December 16th

Classes include:

  • COVID is changing the dynamic of our activity…how can you & your students change with it?
  • The Sheets: Help me understand!
  • Training a Program

The Percussion training is still in the works and we will let everyone know when that information becomes available.