4/7/18 Guard Championships

[two_third] WGPO 2018 Championships – Final Draft

Contest Packet 2018 (includes Maps)

  • Timeline: Vertical – Enter back right, exit back left(from audience perspective). Please be sure your floor is folded correctly.
  • Sound check will begin at 9:00AMand stop at 9:50AM. You will only be allowed to do a sound check before the contest and during the breaks.  Please plan ahead.
  • Contest start time is 10:00AM.
  • Snake all floors out of the gym.  NO FOLDING ON THE GYM FLOOR!
  • Please make sure all Props/Equipment are properly padded.
  • Retreats will be FULL GUARD.  Middle School through Scholastic Regional A groups will need to meet in the warm-up gym after the performance by Catoosa HS  (3:13pm). Independent Regional A through Scholastic Open groups will need to meet in the warm-up gym after the performance by Choctaw Varsity (8:57pm)
  • Make sure your Spiel Sheet is filled out and turned in.
  • ** If your group owes any money (even for solo/ensembles) you will NOT be allowed to perform. If you are unsure, please contact our treasurer (Michael Clark) ASAPImportant notes for parents/spectators:
  • No video recording or flash photography. 
  • ticket cost is $12  
  • Bus/truck parking and spectator parking are in different areas on campus.  Please alert parents to NOT follow their buses/trucks into that parking lot.

Quick View (NOT FINAL):

Unit Perform
Middle School
Piedmont MS 10:00
Adair MS 10:07
Haskell MS 10:14
Yukon MS 10:21
Bixby MS 10:28
Westmoore MS 10:35
Checotah MS 10:42
Will Rogers JH 10:49
Union MS 10:56
Mustang 7th Grade 11:03
Jenks MS 11:10
McAlester Cadet 11:17
Choctaw MS 11:24
BREAK – 15 min
Scholastic Regional B
Chouteau HS 11:46
Victory Christian 11:54
Nathan Hale HS 12:02
Sand Springs HS 12:10
Haskell HS JV 12:18
Bixby HS JV 12:26
Atoka HS 12:34
Kiefer HS 12:42
BREAK – 6 min
Stillwater Cadet 12:57
Pryor HS 1:05
Checotah HS JV 1:13
Mustang 8th Grade 1:21
Wagoner HS 1:29
Westmoore HS JV 1:37
Southmoore HS JV 1:45
Piedmont HS JV 1:53
BREAK – 10 min
Scholastic Regional A
Tahlequah HS 2:11
Yukon HS JV 2:18
Stillwater HS JV 2:25
Western Heights HS 2:32
Haskell HS 2:39
McAlester HS 2:46
Enid HS 2:53
Mustang HS JV 3:00
Catoosa HS 3:07


Joe Suniga from Yukon

Braggs Duet from Stillwater

Woods, McCutcheon & Letarte from Westmoore

Middle School – Scholastic Regional A FULL MASSING
Independent Regional A
Bristow Independent 4:37
Immense Memories 4:44
Scholastic B
Piedmont HS 4:53
Sapulpa HS 5:01
Checotah HS Varsity 5:09
Adair HS 5:17
Bixby HS 5:25
Stillwater HS Varsity 5:33
BREAK – 6 min
Bartlesville HS 5:48
Edmond Winter Guard 5:56
Coweta HS 6:04
Edmond Memorial 6:12
Jenks HS JV 6:20
Claremore HS 6:28
Westmoore HS 6:36
Southmoore HS Varsity 6:44
BREAK – 25 min
Scholastic A
Berryhill HS 7:17
Yukon HS Varsity 7:25
Collinsville HS 7:33
Union HS 7:41
Choctaw HS JV 7:49
Jenks HS A 7:57
Mustang HS Varsity 8:05
Independent A
ICT Independent 8:13
Memorial Independent 8:21
BREAK – 10 min
Scholastic Open
Jenks HS Open 8:39
Union HS 8:48
Choctaw HS Open 8:57


Ryan Denny from Southmoore

Jess Cowan from Westmoore

Kegan Jones from Mustang

Shelby & McKenzie Independent Duet

Independent Regional A – Scholastic Open
[/two_third] [one_third_last]RECAP


  • Kyle Myers – Contest Director (405) 618-9917
  • Darnell Zook- Yukon Band Director (405) 830-0967
  • Alyson Downs – Yukon Color Guard Director

Susan Wessel
WGPO Vice President

Veronica Johnson
WGPO President 


  • GE Cody Edwards
  • GE Taylor Sitzman
  • DA  Brent Rowland
  • EQ Ping Dawson
  • MV Jeremy Stevens
  • T&P Eamon Shoghi