Contacts and Resources

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  • Timelines (horizontal or vertical) will be noted on each individual schedule page. There are helpful videos in the Facebook Director’s Group to help you practice folding your floors.
  • Sound check begins one hour prior to each contest. You will only be allowed to do a sound check before the contest and during the breaks.  Please plan ahead. Sound check is ONLY to ensure that your music works.
  • Snake all floors out of the gym.  NO FOLDING ON THE GYM FLOOR!
  • Please make sure all Props/Equipment are properly padded.
  • Critique Sign-Up deadline is 9 p.m. the Friday evening before each contest. The critique sign-up link is on each individual schedule page. You MUST complete the online training and assessment before being allowed to participate in critique
  • Retreats/Massing will be Captains only.

Competition Suite

  • Competition Suite is being utilized for multiple purposes than simply recaps and judges recordings this year. Spiel Sheets and Music Upload are also done in Competition Suite. Kyle Myers created a video in the Facebook Director’s Group explaining everything you need to know to have yourself and your unit staff loaded into Competition Suite.
  • (NEW PROCEDURE THIS YEAR) Please upload your music to Competition Suite by Thursday evening (11:59pm) prior to your contest. You may still bring your cellphone or CD as back up but Comp. Suite will be the priority source.
  • (NEW PROCEDURE THIS YEAR) Spiel Sheets are automatically filled out through Competition Suite after each unit inputs each category, only the contest director and unit/group administrator has access to view and edit them. Please make sure your Spiel sheet is up to date on Comp Suite by 11:59pm the Thursday before your next contest.


Congratulations to the following Performers for being selected to preform at State Championships, March 30th, during one of the scheduled massing’s.

In Middle School Solo Classification:

       Briana Todd from Checotah Middle School.

In High School Solo Classification:

       Vincent Flores from Mustang High School

&    Brooke Jones from Westmoore High School

In High School Duet Classification:

      Vincent and Rachel from Mustang High School

In High School Ensemble Classification:

      Westmoore Trio from Westmoore High School