XV. Judges Association

  1. The Winter Guard and Percussion of Oklahoma Judging Association (WGPOJA) operates as a part of the circuit and plan to fulfill all requirements to become bona fide by WGI.
  2. Anyone judging any WGPO show must hold credentials with WGPOJA, WGI, or a judges association, which is currently bona fide by WGI.
  3. The WGPOJA Advisory Committee will consist of: The Co lor Guard Judges’ Coordinator, the Percussion Coordinator, the Guard Education Director, the appointed Color Guard Representative, and the appointed Percussion Representative. The committee will report to the WGPO Executive Board.
  4. The positions of Color Guard and Percussion Representatives will come from the Member Unit Directors, and will be appointed by the WGPO Executive Board at the fall meeting.
  5. The Judges’ Coordinator, the Director of Education, and the Percussion Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting and the training of judges. They will set the curriculum and organize training sessions for the Circuit’s judges. They will keep all records pertaining to training and will report to the WGPO E-board.
  6. Each season, a committee will be established to recommend an appropriate pay scale for WGPOJA. Listed below are the recommended pay scales for the current season:
    2017 Guard

    1. Level I = 1st year* $125 for 30 units $5 per unit over 30
    2. Level II = 2-3 years experience* $175 for 30 units $6 per unit over 30
    3. Level III = 4+ years experience* $225 for 40 units $7 per unit over 30 (includes former WGI judge)
    4. Current WGI Greater of $300 or $7 per unit
    5. Judging for an official winter guard circuit, Bands of America, Drum Corps International, or any official judges association.
    Guard Judges Adjudicating Percussion Contests

    1. The above scale will be used. If total number of guard/percussion units in contest is not above 30, no additional amount will be paid.
    2017 Percussion

    1. $75 minimum or $15 per unit (whichever is greater)
    2. + $50 extra for those who judge championships
    3. In the event of a split judging assignment, if an adjudicator is judging less than 10 units, then they shall receive 1/10th of their usual pay per unit judged. Example: if a first year judge is judging 8 units then they get paid $12.50 per unit. If a second year judge is at the same contest, they get $17.50 per unit.
  7. Travel will be paid at $0.35 per mile, round trip, for all judges, Contest Director, Percussion Administrator and Tabulator. Judges’ Coordinator or Contest Director will calculate mileage from residence address to address of contest. If judges or staff travels in a vehicle together, only one travel fee will be paid to the driver of the vehicle.
  8. If a contest starts at 8:00 a.m. or before and is more than 100 miles one way from the judges’ travel starting point, then the Circuit shall pay up to $80.00 per night for one (1) night of hotel lodging either the night before or the night of the contest.
  9. Timing and Penalties judges will be paid $150.00 for the first 30 units, then $5.00 for each additional unit, not to exceed $300, plus a round trip travel fee calculated using $0.35 per mile rate if driving to the contest. Anyone judging this caption must be aware of both WGI Guard & Percussion rules and guidelines, and will be trained by the Judges Coordinator and Percussion Coordinator.
  10. Judges that are trialing at a WGPO contest shall be paid mileage for one of the first two (2) contests.
  11. Instructors may judge, except in the division in which they have an affiliation. They must join the judges’ association, make all required training sessions, and complete the workbook in the appropriate caption.