XVIII. Disciplinary Action

  1. All Participating units in WGPO must abide by the WGPO Code of Conduct: “One of the hallmarks of our activity are to promote good sportsmanship. WGPO believes that our participating members learn good sportsmanship from their fellow members of the activity including directors, staff, judges, family, and friends. The positive, professional and competitive environment that WGPO strives to create cannot exist without good sportsmanship by all WGPO participants. We must lead by example. It is the responsibility of the adults in this activity to teach and stress good sportsmanship to students. Good sportsmanship should occur in warm-up, during performance, and massing. It should also occur in critique, in the stands, on the WGPO website, and in all communication between staff and judges. We (instructors and judges) must all remember to adhere to the Code of Ethics set by Winter Guard International.”
  2. Competitive units displaying unsportsmanlike conduct may be subject to sanctions by the WGPO Executive Board. Some examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include:
    1. Offensive language exclaimed by performers at a contest.
    2. Unprofessional behavior during massing
    3. Booing performers, judges, or fans during score announcements.
    4. Inflammatory or derogator posts on the website.
    5. Making derogatory comments or yelling at a judge at any time.
    6. Vandalism of any kind on school property
  3. Sanctions for unsportsmanlike conduct may include: an official written warning, removal from critique, suspension of the winter guard for a certain time, or forfeiture of a title of ranking as determined by the WGPO Executive Board. Units will be held financially liable for any destruction of school property (accidental or purposeful) committed by any person(s) associated with that unit. (Staff, student, or parent).
  4. Signs are not permitted in the gym during performances, unless sanctioned by WGPO.