Feb 5, 2022 Yukon


As of 12pm noon (2-3) the In-Person Contest hosted by Yukon has been cancelled. We will still be hosting a virtual contest online and encourage you to submit a video for virtual competition. Virtual submissions will be due Saturday, 2-5, by 12pm noon. Remember, virtual submissions this week could easily be a run through from your last practice.

If your unit was unable to meet this week and record a submission… a virtual submission next week (Bartlesville 2-12) will be allowed in place of this weeks contest. Bartlesville (2-12) will now also serve as our final classification weekend in order to accurately sort units into their correct classifications. This means that we will most likely withhold placements (1st, 2nd, 3rd) until Choctaw (2-19).

If your unit is planning to attend Bartlesville, a virtual submission for Yukon is not needed as Bartlesville will serve as your qualifying performance. In that same topic, if you would like to be added to the in-person contest for Bartlesville please let me know ASAP.

Units unable to submit a virtual video this week (2-5) will not be excluded from championships.

I’m sure you all have many questions about things not answered above and if you need clarification please contact me.