Contacts and Resources

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  • Timelines (horizontal or vertical) will be noted on each individual schedule page. There are helpful videos in the Facebook Director’s Group to help you practice folding your floors.
  • Sound check begins one hour prior to each contest. You will only be allowed to do a sound check before the contest and during the breaks.  Please plan ahead. Sound check is ONLY to ensure that your music works.
  • Snake all floors out of the gym.  NO FOLDING ON THE GYM FLOOR!
  • Please make sure all Props/Equipment are properly padded.
  • Critique Sign-Up deadline is 9 p.m. the Friday evening before each contest. The critique sign-up link is on each individual schedule page. 
  • Retreats/Massing will be Captains only.

Competition Suite

  • Competition Suite is being utilized for multiple purposes than simply recaps and judges recordings this year. Spiel Sheets and Music Upload are also done in Competition Suite. Kyle Myers created a video in the Facebook Director’s Group explaining everything you need to know to have yourself and your unit staff loaded into Competition Suite.
  • Please upload your music to Competition Suite by Thursday evening (11:59pm) prior to your contest. You may still bring your cellphone or CD as back up but Comp. Suite will be the priority source.
  • Spiel Sheets are automatically filled out through Competition Suite after each unit inputs each category, only the contest director and unit/group administrator has access to view and edit them. Please make sure your Spiel sheet is up to date on Comp Suite by 11:59pm the Thursday before your next contest.