Managing Membership: Unit Profiles

2018 Membership List for both Guard and Percussion now include quick links to view the unit profile for each unit including which contests they will attend, director name, classification.

To manage your unit’s  information, directors will need to log on using the WGPO website login you received via email (ALL Directors of ALL units have had this sent to them via email following registration). Once logged on – when you view the Membership List you’ll also have an “Edit Details” link next to your unit.

There are additional fields for optional information you would like to add such as additional non-WGPO event attendance (such as WGI regionals) and a unit profile picture. Those two fields will become part of your publicly viewable profile and may be edited throughout the season. You’ll also see a section for SPIEL SHEET information. Don’t worry – your Show Title and Music will NOT be publicly viewable.

If you think you have not received a logon and should have:

1. View the details of your unit’s profile on the website and verify that you are listed correctly as the director. 2018 Membership

2. If you ARE listed correctly as the director – please check your email spam/junkmail folders for an email with the subject: “[WGPO] Your username and password info”. If you still can’t find that email – contact to have it re-sent.

3. If you are NOT listed correctly and you ARE the director for your unit – please also contact to make corrections or to clarify staff positions.

Unit Classifications are not editable once the season is underway – changes in classification due to promotion will be made by the executive committee.